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Another Great Review

The Hunter's Sister
has arrived

From almost the beginning he knows they're meant to be together, but he knows their union will destroy them and he can't let that happen.

5.0 out of 5 stars mischievous god plays with fire April 4, 2013

By Shak

What's fun about this book is the magic. My favorite character in the hunter series is hands down Fox, the all knowing and mischievous God who often appears at the most inopportune moments. It's amusing to see him get caught in the web HE created. He falls for the young girl he found in a remote African village. Suddenly, the all knowing Fox, who has bedded numerous women in the hundreds of years that he has lived, is more than smitten with the student turned woman warrior whose curves are discovered and rediscovered in this book. I can't wait for the next one!


He thought he hid his shock well, but she saw it. He sat up. “If it was your desire to be a harlot, Adama, you’ve committed to the wrong training.”

She sighed. “Ogo, a harlot opens her legs for many. I desire to part mine for you and you alone.”

“A gift is only special if it is desired. I don’t want you, Adama.”

“Then you should communicate that message to your body.”

      They both looked at the betrayal on display between his legs.

Anna James wrote:
Scented Dreams is a great read!

If you’re a fan of Erotic Paranormal romances then Scented Dreams, by Jacqueline Turner Banks, is a great choice. This is the second book in the Dogon-Hunter series. In this story we meet Nesta and Ian.

Nesta and Ian meet when Ian comes to Chicago for a work assignment. They are instantly attracted and passions flares quickly. They come to realize in a short amount of time that there is more to their relationship then just sex (which is frequent in this novel and really hot!)

Their relationship gets complicated when Ian realizes that Nesta is the daughter of a Hunter brother and the adopted niece of his boss, Fox.

I love how the author weaves the family dynamics into the story. Not just the relationships between mother, father and child and how they influence the decisions each makes (Nesta is an only child and her parents are deeply intertwined in her life) but also the relationships of close friends whom are considered family. It also considers relationships and dynamics of the characters that live long beyond the normal human life expectancy and the impact they have on each of the characters.
The story has a great cast of characters (gods, goddesses, hunters, blood suckers and a human or two for good measure) and is full of action and romance. I am looking forward to reading the next novel in the series.
Pick up your copy of Scented Dreams today!

Scented Dreams

The first review for my second novel, SCENTED DREAMS
4.75 OUT OF 5.0
Here it is:

I just finished reading "Scented Dreams"; I was taken in from page 1. The story centers around Ian and Nesta, who at first glance appear to be complete polar opposites. During the course of this story, you come to realize all the complexities involved to make this more than just a love story; it is a story of family. Whether related by blood, experiences, or circumstance. The author takes readers on an awesome and enjoyable ride where you become immersed in all the nuances, complexities, trials, joys, and fears of an ever-increasing family dynamic. The family dynamics of this book kept me turning the page to find out where the story would take me next. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a very enjoyable and exciting ride. It is in fact a love story with a good mixture of humor, thrills, and sex to give the reader one hell of a good read. Angibabi4, Night Owls Reviews

Another Great Review


Bitten by Books

Jordan awakens in bed with a one night stand named Artest. Somehow, little shame effects her for the first time ever, not that she does this sort of thing all the time. She is completely mesmerized by the magnificent beauty this man beholds unlike any other human. She soon finds out he is not like any human she has ever met.

A night of exciting pleasure brings unbelievable fear and danger, from an unknown world within her very own. In less than twenty-four hours, she has been mysteriously transported from place to place, watched Artest disappear and reappear, seen Bloodsuckers walking through walls, time has stopped, and now she is running from them in fear of her life with a man she hardly even knows. All she knows is his name, he’s not human, and smells like lavender.

She is brought into “his” world and learns there are many others just like him who have been walking the planets for centuries. She learns many secrets, all the while knowing she’s safe as they will erase her memory. She is thankful for knowing that her life will go back to normal, except without Artest. He is one thing she does not want to forget.

Jacqueline Turner Bank’s novel Scented Lust is an energy-packed paranormal with lots of mystery elements. The plot is well orchestrated and will keep you transfixed to each page. There is a great combination or action, excitement, mystery, and romance. A great read!

Book Stats:

  • Paperback: 202 pages
  • Language: English

Thank you Susan Plummer


who wrote:

Scented Lust by Jacqueline Turner Banks is an interesting novel with an intricate plot and characters that are out of this world yet very down to earth.  There's a rich attention to detail which helps the reader in painting a picture of this unusual plot.  The characters are all beautiful, well developed and three-dimensional.  Scented Lust is not your typical contemporary love story but a paranormal romance that features an interracial couple.  Quite a bit of writing is devoted to plot development and it truly makes for an entertaining read.  I enjoyed reading this novel because although the plot is rather unbelievable the story is delivered in a well-written and entertaining manner.

Straight-laced, school teacher, Jordan Greene has never indulged in a one night stand before but when she does it becomes a night of many firsts.  It seems the handsome stranger she bedded, Artest Drame, is way more than meets the eye.  Jordan soon finds herself caught up in a mythical world where vampires are real and Olympian-like gods walk the earth in mortal form.  Much of what happens in the story is really incredible but the passion between Jordan and Artest is very believable.  Jordan must remain at Artest's side for her own protection but as they draw closer, will they be able to pull apart once the danger has dissipated

If you can't wait to read SCENTED LUST--and you shouldn't--go to
Can you smell the lavender?
Do you know what it means?
You can find SCENTED LUST
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 Jacqueline Turner Banks brings a new paranormal world into the mix.

Jordan and Artest are two characters surrounded by a world of immortals. Gods, aliens and witches.

Mrs. Banks' developed paranormal romance is unique.


(which means exactly as it sounds)


Scented Lust was classified as Heat Level: SIZZLING on BookStrand.

SamanthaAnn of Night Owl Romance reviewed Scented Lust. Here's what she said:

Jordan prepares to make her way home from her first one-night stand ever but fate steps in the way. Contrary to her earlier thoughts, she does get to know Artest better in a way she could never have imagined.

Jordan is a great character; she seems like a real person. Artest seems a little too good to be true, but then don’t all the heroes of our favorite books? While the story did remind me a little bit of something else I’ve read, it was different enough that it was still an enjoyable read with great action, if you know what I mean.

4 0ut 0f 5 Hearts


4.75 out of 5.0

"It is in fact a love story with a good mixture of humor, thrills,
and sex to give the reader one hell of a good read." Angibabi4, Night Owls Reviews

Ian's story

“Don’t move!”

After she got over the initial shock of his voice—and yes, it did echo—she turned around and found him dressed and standing near his wardrobe. It was so confusing she actually looked back at the bed to see if he was still there. Surely he’s a twin.

“Excuse me?” Jordan said. Regardless of his apparent catlike abilities to hyper-move around his bedroom, who was he to tell her she couldn’t leave?

“Don’t talk either.”

“Who the hell. . .”

Before she could finish, he was standing next to her with his hand over her mouth. “There’s somebody in my house,” he whispered in her ear.

She nodded to let him know she understood, and he removed his hand.

He inched closer to his closed bedroom door. With his eyes closed, he patted the door in several spots, high and low, with the flat of his palm. “There’s two of them, both inside. I can’t fight them and protect you too. We’d better leave. Where do you live?”

She was beginning to suspect a scam. She still hadn’t heard a damn thing. “Look, I had a great time last night, but. . .”

He touched her neck with the flat of his palm, much like he had the door. “Think about the place where you live,” he said in a soulful, gentle voice that sounded far away.


Jordan tried to turn and look at him, but she couldn’t move. From the corner of her eye she could see he wasn’t there, but somehow it seemed as if she still felt the pressure of his palm on her neck.

I only had two drinks last night. Something is very. . .

Before she could finish her thought, everything went dark. Before she could scream from her sudden blindness, the light was back.

Except that they were standing in the living room of her little one-bedroom apartment.

“Who, or better yet, what the hell are you?”

“That, little girl, is the kind of thing you should ask before you go home with a stranger.”
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