Who are the Dogon-Hunters?

The Dogon-Hunters were created 5,000 years ago in collaboration between the Dogon leaders and the Extraterrestrials that visited Mali, from another planet some 8.6 light years from Earth. The group was formed when the Extraterrestrials learned that their natural enemies, called (on Earth) Blood Suckers or Sangsue had followed them here and the citizens of Earth were defenseless against them.

What are Blood Suckers?

Blood Suckers or Sangsue are vampire-like beings that prey on Earthlings. Their contact is almost always fatal, but on occasion they will exchange blood with their victim and create a more classic vampire-like creature that is sensitive to daylight. This Hybrid creation could be the basis on which the vampire legend was created. There is no evidence that they are sensitive to garlic or wooden stakes. However, neither group can cross a door way that is protected by religious icons.

Who pays the Hunters?

The mechanics are confidential, but they are paid through an endowment that is well-funded. They receive no compensation from any government, country, or municipality.

Why do they tend to live in large cities and college towns?

They are assigned to places where the Sangsue prey. The Sangsue prey on young healthy adults.

What does Sangsue mean?

Sangsue is simply the French word for leech or Blood Sucker.

Why French?

Mali was a French territory. The earlier word to describe these beings was lost in the late 1800s during the French occupation. There is one being who would know the word, but he’s too stubborn to say.

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